About the NLMK Group

NLMK is a leading international steel company, the largest steelmaker in Russia. We produce and deliver a comprehensive range of flat and long steel products.

NLMK is a vertically integrated steel company with assets ranging from upstream operations, to efficient steelmaking, to downstream with leading positions in the key product niches. The Company has a diversified portfolio of products, with a strong presence in many industry sectors in export and domestic markets.

A high level of self-sufficiency in key raw materials and energy ensures a low cost level of production, concentrated in the Central District of Russia. In addition, NLMK’s rolling mill assets are located in close proximity to our key consumers in Russia, the USA and the EU.

NLMK produces a wide range of steel products conforming to international quality standards. Furthermore, our flexible production chain, efficient distribution network and extensive geography of sales ensures that we are able to respond rapidly to changes in market demands.

NLMK is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of slabs and transformer steel. We are a leading supplier of high value added products including pre-painted, galvanized electrical steel and a wide range of plates as well as a variety of long steel products. With our state of the art production facilities we can be found at the cutting edge of modern steel production.

Our business is highly diversified across a range of sales markets with product deliveries to more than 70 countries worldwide. We enjoy one of the most competitive production costs among global steelmakers and one of the best profitability in the steel universe.

Oleg Bagrin is NLMK Group President

Strategic Strengths

Balanced portfolio of efficient assets
Efficient vertical integration
Well diversified sales and product mix
Solid financial standing and operational performance
Professional and experienced management team